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Emerging Beauty Trends of 2017

Makeup is an ever-changing industry and year 2017 welcomes new trends that were unthinkable a few years ago. This year has also brought back trends that were almost forgotten but thanks to elite models and celebrities’ interests, are now back in style. Have you ever thought of redefining your style, or of building your signature? The year 2017 is mostly about bringing back the glory of the ‘80s, and a “no-makeup” makeup look. It also puts back the metallic trend back to work. You should be thanking your grandma right now for her metallic jacket and lipstick to boost...

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Top 5 Natural Foods That Promote Weight Loss

Eating natural and fresh foods is way better than resorting to fad shakes and supplements that promise weight loss success. Why are natural foods your best friend when you want to lose weight? First off, fresh foods are devoid of artificial flavorings, colorings, and binders; thus, your body welcomes natural foods with open arms. Your body goes through the process of efficient digestion because it does not have to sift through elements that your body can and cannot digest. However, when you take in manufactured foods, your body would have to first eliminate the artificial food ingredients before delving...

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