Makeup is an ever-changing industry and year 2017 welcomes new trends that were unthinkable a few years ago. This year has also brought back trends that were almost forgotten but thanks to elite models and celebrities’ interests, are now back in style.

Have you ever thought of redefining your style, or of building your signature?

The year 2017 is mostly about bringing back the glory of the ‘80s, and a “no-makeup” makeup look. It also puts back the metallic trend back to work. You should be thanking your grandma right now for her metallic jacket and lipstick to boost your Friday night outs.

Here are some of the emerging beauty trends of 2017:

  1. Silicon blending sponges

Gone are makeup sponges made with non-latex and latex foams that you have to clean after using for some time. And cleaning them is not as straightforward as it seems, for you need to wash them thoroughly and hang them to dry. So, you always need to make sure you have an extra sponge when traveling. You cannot use the same foam sponges for long, though, for there comes a time when they do not hold their proper form any longer, thus hurting your skin.

This year is about practicality, and born is the silicon blending sponge that allows you to put on makeup and blend them without irregularity hassles. The best part is that silicon sponges are incredibly easy to clean and you can reuse them for as long as you can. They are waterproof, too, so you can just quickly run them under running water, clean them with soap, and towel-dry them.

Although silicon sponges cost a little more compared to foams, they are worth the price because you do not have to change them every time.

Washable sponges can be purchased on Amazon:

  1. Metallic makeup and nail polish

The ‘80s look is now back in style, again. And this look is not complete without metallics: metallic makeup, nail polish, and hair accessories (but they are best worn one at a time!). Metallic eye shadows and lipsticks are now trending, paired with either bold or subtle makeup. To complete the look, uniquely colored eye lining is used to bring out the metallic shine even more.

But metallic makeup should only be worn with confidence as you will not achieve the desired stylish effect when you keep on being adamant about using it. It is also best used for evening events for they can be better appreciated at night. During the day, they can look tacky, and you might look, put bluntly, like a clown.

  1. Charcoal masks

The Korean beauty industry has put the aloe vera and seaweed masks to shame. Charcoal masks have been around South Korea for a while now before they hit it off in foreign markets.

Why have they become so popular? For one, they combine skin cleaning, moisturizing, and exfoliation all in one. They are best used for removing blackheads, whiteheads, and acne, that’s why they’ve become so popular among teenagers, too.

These masks have been proven efficient and so, no wonder why they have quickly replaced all the other masks sold in the market.

  1. Face and body contouring

face contouringDo you want to have a nose lift without ever getting one? Or, do you want to have six packs without having to sweat it off in the gym? Look no further, for the answer lies on perfecting face and body contouring.

When done right, contouring allows you to improve on your features without having to resort to surgery. You can transform your round face to a heart-shaped one, and make it possible for you to have high cheekbones. But it is crucial for you to do contouring properly because if not, you will end up with a “botched” job that makes you look like you’ve just had plastic surgery gone wrong.

And gone are the days of in-your-face contouring, where you can immediately tell someone used makeup to reshape the face. The trend today is on dot contouring, where you use makeup dots to blend contouring shades together. With the use of dots, you do not overdo your makeup, and it gets easier for you to add more if you need to.

  1. Nude lipstick, and pretty much anything that makes you look natural

With the trend now on achieving the natural look, another product has taken the world by storm: nude lipstick. Nude lipstick appears strange on its own, but when placed to touch off an edgy or soft look, it looks amazingly perfect.

They say that the best nude lipstick color should be the same as your nipples, as this color allows you to have the best complement for your complexion.

Along with nude lipstick, people are also going crazy with the “no-makeup” makeup look, where you achieve a natural look while hiding the blemishes and large pores that you naturally have. It is the sort of makeup that’s been used by many models but has only been recently picked up by the public. The idea is to create the ideal youthful look, but without the signs of aging, late nights, and imbalanced hormones.

These are the top emerging beauty trends for 2017. As you may notice, these trends have been around for decades, but have been out of style in recent years. Some of these trends were even largely ignored if not for celebrities and models who started donning them. Try these trends and see if you can pull off that metallic, nude look and transform it into your own.