Eating natural and fresh foods is way better than resorting to fad shakes and supplements that promise weight loss success.

Why are natural foods your best friend when you want to lose weight?

First off, fresh foods are devoid of artificial flavorings, colorings, and binders; thus, your body welcomes natural foods with open arms. Your body goes through the process of efficient digestion because it does not have to sift through elements that your body can and cannot digest.

However, when you take in manufactured foods, your body would have to first eliminate the artificial food ingredients before delving into digestion. The problem is, your body ends up devoid of energy by the time the digestion process has to take place.

Secondly, natural foods are alkaline in nature and can help you achieve a balanced environment for your biological systems to thrive. You do not have to deal with acidity and other imbalance issues that can debilitate you once you choose to take in unnatural foods. All illnesses are brought about by imbalances, and with natural foods, your body is aided by increasing its immune system and its ability to maintain a healthy circulation.

While all natural foods can help you lose weight, there are top choices that can be particularly useful when you’re trying to get rid of the stubborn pounds. Here are your best weight loss options:

  1. Green, leafy vegetables

Green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, collards, and kale can help you lose weight because they are rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They are also low in calories making them a perfect addition to your every meal. Since they are full of fiber and calcium, you can get full for longer. They also help detoxify your body from unwanted toxins that take a lot of effort for your body to eliminate.

It is best not to overcook these vegetables because that way, they can retain their nutrients. If you have strong digestion, you can also eat them raw.

  1. Fresh eggs

Eggs were once touted as fatty foods that people with diabetes and heart problems should avoid. But recent research emerged debunking the previous statement and putting fresh eggs into a new light.

Egg yolks and whites give you sufficient protein that can help you last through the day without feeling weak and lethargic. They provide good cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein) that can contribute to a better circulation for your body. They also provide excellent support for your nervous system, keeping you alert and energetic without you having to rely on sweets and caffeine.

It is best to source fresh eggs from organic sources because egg production is one of the most antibiotic-driven industries. You want to get the most nutrition from fresh eggs, so if you can choose organic.

  1. Lean meats

Meats, like eggs, have been put in a bad light for the past decades. Thanks to recent research, meat is now back on the “must-eat” foods for weight loss.

But not all meats are created equal. Lean, organic meats, whether that’s beef, pork, or chicken fare far better than any other meats. The commercial meat industry focuses on quantity over quality, so it’s best that you get the freshest natural meats you can source out.

Lean meats can provide sufficient protein for you to do all your activities without feeling down and out. They also help you build muscles, and can help repair tissues and muscles. Meats also make you feel less bloated, allowing your body to have a more efficient circulatory process.

  1. Fatty fish

It may sound counterintuitive, but fatty fish sources such as salmon, mackerel, herring, and trout are one of the best protein foods for weight loss because, well, they are so satisfying.

Oils have a bad reputation, but people are mistaken into thinking that all oils should be treated equally. Manufactured oil like canola and vegetable oils are a big no-no, but natural oils sourced from natural foods can nourish you without putting your body into so much digestive stress.

Fatty fishes are rich in Omega-3, a fatty acid that helps maintain the health of your nervous, cardiac and digestive systems. It is an essential fatty acid that enables you to get the nutrients that you need to give you a robust immune system.

All fatty fishes are also endowed with iodine, a natural element that keeps your thyroid in check. If you want to lose weight, maintaining a healthy thyroid is crucial because when it is out of balance, your metabolism slows down and your weight loss efforts are significantly undermined.

Endocrine disorders take a long time to treat and so, you don’t want to get to the point where you get diagnosed with thyroid disease.

  1. Grapefruit

A lot of studies have been conducted on grapefruit, and there’s sufficient evidence pointing out to this fruit successfully helping anyone lose and maintain their weight. Grapefruits have the ability to lower down your blood sugar and can help you get through insulin resistance, one of the biggest precursors to diabetes.

The best way to take them is to take half a grapefruit in the morning and the evening before meals. That way your appetite gets controlled, and you don’t go through blood sugar spikes that everyone dreads ever experiencing.

All natural foods help you lose and maintain weight. But these five foods are proven to help you even further when reaching your weight loss goals.